Nomad - Autumn/Winter

The word originally refers to tribes and communities who took the social and economic form of shepherds, freely grazing and migrating with the animals. We know very well, many nations, including Hungarians in the Carpathian pool, finally settled down the same way. Now there are the digital nomads, what doesn't refer to the ′′ distance-grazing ′′ of animals, but to the fact that many can work from any part of the world, giving the opportunity to develop a kind of migrant lifestyle for the adventurous souls who wants to travel.


The fall-winter collection of 2021/22 targets everyone and tries to meet needs in several areas: both social issues and individual needs. The Nomad collection, with the opportunities provided by the digital development – work anytime, anywhere, and conduct hundreds of meetings in a ′′ mobile ′′ form -, also trying to provide solutions to the burning problem of nowadays: comfortable elegance in the home office environment.



Although hopefully we will see ′′ lively ′′ streets and restaurants again in the fall of 2021, the changes starting in 2020 will definitely affect our daily lives and the future of work, resulting in some kind of migration between home-office-meetings. When designing this collection, the needs of the modern, „in constant motion” office people were brought to the forefront: cool, comfortable elegance, day by day. Elegant yet comfortable pieces using cotton velour - which are flexible thanks to their weaving, and glossy thanks to the finishing technique used in the production of the fabric -, showing a luxurious feel. In addition to the main element, the velour, there is also a thicker Oeco-Tex standard cotton jersey, which can be combined with anything thanks to it being so refined.


Former collection items and pieces condemned to be recycled have been also included, bringing upcycling and sustainability into the collection. Mainly using cotton canvas, cotton satin, hemp canvas and denim. It's brave to say that Nomad was named not only because of digitalization, but also due to being close to nature and having some kind of a modern renaissance. With the collection, the designer wants to lead wanderers back to the „roots”, nature, to enjoy the beauty of our environment, and creating a healthy balance for the longevity and sustainability for both ourselves, our natural values, and our habitats.

Photo: Berni Birtalan

Models: Boglárka Bencze and Balázs Tajti