The Kinga Kovacs clothes are inspired by the classy and vintage, to turn it into a modern,timeless piece. Carefully selected high quality organic fabrics, mixed with reused materials and the classic, neat, minimalistic, often zero-waste cuts give the collections a refined look.

Vision and Mission

Taking responsibility in the way we source our fabrics, working with ethical traders, monitoring of the making of each garment. All items are made locally.

Being reasonable in the way we operate from start to finish, implementing zero waste cutting techniques into our processes to remove waste, where possible.

Keywords, Statements

Playful, youthful, colourful

Practical, ethical, cool


What our brand stands for

Sustainable, affordable and quality style

Our motto

The perfect gift is you

The Designer

Kinga Kovács graduated in 2013 at the University of East London from Fashion Design with Fashion Management, during her studies having completed nearly one year internship at Fashion Scout, she had the opportunity to help manage and organize events during London Fashion Week for two seasons. With this experience she got valuable insights into all segments of fashion event management. In the same year she also completed a few months of internship at Masc Studios with head designers Billy Yick and Duncan Shaw (now Head of Design at Roksanda), which put her on the path towards starting her own brand in 2014. 

After taking part in the FDC Young Designers Award in London in October 2015, after some time off, she was only introduced to the Hungarian audience in 2018 with a catwalk show at Budapest Fashion Week, with her classy evening wear collection for women, hiding already two men's outfits into the loop. 

A month later at the 3rd Global Sustainable Fashion Week, she introduced her project, which she has been working on for about a year by then, focusing on social responsibility and the integration of people with disabilities into fashion. The project was titled 'Seeing the World through yours eyes', as it is mostly focusing on the blind and partially sighted. 

The same year, in September 2018, she organized her own salon fashion show, which was aimed to include some sort of acting, and presenting a kind of office life. The collection got the name Ready for Business. 

In 2019 with her social project, 'Seeing the World through your eyes', she got to the finals of Worth project, and represented her idea in Valencia. 

In the same year she got asked to become the Eco Team Leader of the National Fashion League Hungary Association, where she got appointed to be the Vice-President in February 2021. 

She is also part of Fashion Revolution Hungary since April 2020.